Sukha Yoga
Katharina & Carolina

We don’t want to put anything into a box. The word YOGA means union – everybody can seek their own definition. We have found something that is so important to us, why would we not want to share it? We are both from little towns close to Graz and have met each other 5 years ago teaching swimming lessons to little kids during Sports University. As soon as we discovered our common ground we started practicing together, first at home then in parks then in various studios. We lift each other up and encourage each other to deepen our Yoga practice on and off the mat – that is why we are such a good team. What’s important: We are teachers, practitioners AND students at the same time. We regularly attend workshops, masterclasses and advanced teacher trainings all around the world as it is essential to never stop learning.

FOR ALL THE BEGINNERS: When starting out, don’t worry about doing it right. Take a spot in the back and follow along. Yoga is about getting out of your head, not constantly worrying about if you’re doing it right. After a while you’ll start to learn the language, etiquette, and culture of yoga.


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Tel. Carolina: +43 699 10986258
Tel. Kate: +43 664 88922127

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